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This workshop breaks down the world of social media for business into easy to follow steps, helpful hints and provides case studies of how others have done it well.  You might have a personal Facebook page however the world of social media is daunting for business owners. Where do you start? How do you fit it into your already busy day and is it worth the bother? Sound familiar? Join me to learn the art of establishing a positive social media practice and to understand how you can make it an easy part of your business processes. Your clients and customers use social media every day so wouldn't you? Don't put it off any longer. Start learning and expand your business reach. Bookings essential. Grab your spot here and bring your lunch. Date: 14 February 2017 Time: 12pm to 2pm  
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DON'T CALL IT A DREAM, CALL IT A PLAN. You've been pondering an idea or a concept for a business and would love to know where to start to make it happen, a sounding board to know if the idea is worth pursuing, ideas on defining the concept and finding your niche. Welcome to Like Minds Create, a forum and a safe place to share those new ideas and to start your business journey. This workshop will introduce you to others in the same frame of mind so that you begin to build you business network. Group sizes are deliberately kept small so that we can help each other work through your idea and nut out actionable steps for you to take. We'll also cover the essentials of how and where to register your business, finding the experts you need at certain times of the business lifecycle, knowing your target audience, social media and marketing and online software available to make life as easy as possible for you in this start-up phase. An idea is only an idea until you take a step forward. Join us for your first step forward. Bookings essential. Book a spot here.


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