Celebrating entrepreneurs with Alison Callan, The Clarity & Success Coach

“Having something that I feel so passionate about every single day, I cannot wait to get to work”. Alison Callan describes what she loves most about her business and in doing so reminds us of why we love sharing the stories of entrepreneurs. As a coach, Alison helps people find their unique version of clarity and success in life, business and career. We asked Alison a couple of questions about her business journey which started in 2016 in NZ and is now in Australia as Alison Callan, The Clarity & Success Coach and Mindfulness Consultant. (We personally love Alison’s description of The Thing – we all have The Thing hanging around every day!)

What words come to mind when we say entrepreneur?

Excitement, possibility, potential and Success!

Best productivity trick?

Do The Thing - the thing you’re least looking forward to, so you can focus on the rest of the things you’d like to do, without carrying the baggage of The Thing that becomes procrastination! Do The Thing!

One thing you do every day to stay inspired?

My Mindset Pathway Ritual, gets me in my zone of Success, feeling my full potential every single day. My go to mindset hack and all time favourite routine! (get yours here

Favourite social medium?

Facebook all the way, and apparently that shows my age - I just find it more intuitive and friendly with groups, love groups!

Do you give yourself a day off?

When you do what you love, you don’t need 'days off’. Every day is a new adventure and you choose how to spend the gift of time! Although weekends with my family is a must!

Advice for someone starting out in business?

Get a coach, or a mentor. You do not have to do the journey alone and it does not have to be a monumental struggle. Although sharing your experiences and getting support from someone non-judgemental and appreciative of the entrepreneurial journey takes an incredible weight off of your mental and emotional load. Having a Coach has been an incredible support to me and I wouldn’t be without one now, it has helped me develop myself to be better in my arena and manage my boundaries to maintain and sustain my dream life.

Learn it yourself or outsource?

Both, learn it first then when you know what you specifically need outsource it the way you want it done. Also gives you an understanding of what to ask for, standards to expect and intricacies of the business if challenges occur.

Why do you do what you do?

Because having had my children I couldn’t imagine doing anything less than extraordinary. I wanted to experience Success like I had never dared dream it. Through helping others to embrace and explore a life truly worth living. I couldn’t go back to routine, mundane or ordinary if I tried, and I tried a couple of times. I know I’m here to make a difference to help inspire others to step into their potential and serve others, it’s a ripple effect where I’ll be the catalyst that changes many worlds!

Are you thinking about starting a new business?

Like Minds Create would love to hear from you and know what excites you about taking a leap into business. Need some further inspiration and help? Grab a set of our new business milestone cards to help navigate the new business journey.

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