Celebrating entrepreneurs with MP Kickass Collective

In the lead up to Christmas, Like Minds Create is profiling some of the entrepreneurs we love, sharing their stories and advice. We absolutely had to start this series with the one and only MP Kickass Community.

MP Kickass Collective was started by entrepreneur Shay Bianco in March this year (and yes you read that correctly – MP Kickass Collective). What an awesome name Shay has given to this supportive community of women entrepreneurs, creatives, bloggers and maverick business owners. We asked Shay to answer a few questions starting with what do you love most about being in business? The answer; being my own boss and having total creative control. This is hands down one of the best incentives to launch your own business, passion project or business community. We hope you enjoy this interview and the blogging series to come as much as we do. Remember to #shopsmall this Christmas and to support the mavericks flying their own flag in business.

Why do you do what you do? 

I genuinely want to connect women and build a support network they can be a part of. No-one has to do this alone. 

What words come to mind when we say entrepreneur? 

Go-getter, brave, bold.

How do you celebrate your wins? 

Honestly, I don't. A glass of wine maybe? I just move onto the next issue or project. This is where I miss an office environment where you can go out and have a celebratory drink. 

Best productivity trick? 

Set yourself up for the week on Sunday. I use the time blocking method. I do the housework first thing so I am not tempted, and use my time more wisely.

One thing you do every day to stay inspired? 

I try and learn something new each day. Read a book, articles, blogs, podcast or good old Pinterest.

Who do you look up to and why? 

I reached out and contacted a local business owner Serena from Speak Out Social for a project, and instantly loved her honesty and integrity. Serena is one smart cookie and is totally focused on building her business while supporting women and helping the local community. I always learn something new from each conversation we have.

Best business or entrepreneur community and networking group? 

Can I be biased here? MP Kickass Collective. We are the new kid on the block, but I think that's what makes us fresh and ever evolving. Our backbone is to support women and local businesses. Collaboration over competition all the way. We can afford to be reactive. We ask and really listen to what the community needs and offer support to those working isolated at home and try to get them out and be social at one of our events.

Otherwise, Mums With Hustle is a favourite. 

Favourite podcast and why? 

I am a little late to the podcast bandwagon. I have only listened to a few. Mums With Hustle, Life & Relationships with Megan Luscombe, Stop Collaborate and Listen. I love to learn and will only listen to a Podcast that has a topic which I’m interested in at the time.

Learn it yourself or outsource? 

I always try to learn it myself first. The only thing I have outsourced is my logo.

Your biggest supporter? 

My eldest daughter Tayah. She is a university student who has seen how MPKC has grown and now wants to move into Social Media Marketing and Communications. We (my friend Tammy and I) held a 'White Party' in March which aimed to connect local business women, blogger and creatives. It was a huge success. My daughter was there helping and at the end of the night she said "I'm so proud of you Mum". That just made my heart burst.

Best way to keep track of new ideas? 

I am old school. I love a notebook and pen. I have a big pile of notebooks that I often refer back to.

Favourite social medium?

Instagram all the way. I have made some amazing Insta buddies. Facebook does take a back foot but as my other business is Ecommerce it's necessary.

Do you give yourself a day off? 

No. I can only work sporadically throughout the day. I have my toddler at home, so it's only during her nap time or at night. I squeeze work it in where I can each day. I have two businesses to run so there is little down time.

How do you turn your mind off? 

I have to say I am not very good at this. I have a small notebook beside my bed that I write ideas or thoughts down in and try to purge them from my mind.

Favourite business product? 

My phone. I would be lost without it.

Advice for someone starting out in business? 

Do what research you can and just start. Tweak as you go, otherwise you'll never launch.

How do you keep imposter syndrome at bay? 

It certainly creeps in. I remind myself that I will always be learning and that I just have to give it a go. I try to be a maverick and not follow what others are doing. I trust my inner feelings a lot.

Proudest moment so far in business? 

Seeing how our conversations have given women the confidence to start their business dream. I've witnessed dreams turn into reality. It's so rewarding watching their journey unfold and see them thrive.

Hardest moment so far? How did you overcome it? 

Cancelling a huge event as it just wasn't selling. I consulted the community before I started but the price point was wrong. I knew it wasn't going to work, so I pulled the plug before we got in too deep. The event was too big, too soon in the life of MPKC. I needed to get to know my community a little more. I was totally fine with cancelling and I learnt a lot about the local community and their needs.

Is there anything else we should know, fun, quirky or interesting facts about you? 

I live to travel. I'm always planning our next adventure. I can't drive a manual car. I love heights - bungy jumping, sky diving, para sailing you name it, I've done it. I am not a fan of the colour RED, it such an angry colour. I am a shocking cook.

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